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Product Offer #479: Elemental Relief Pain Relieving Lotion

***FREE SAMPLE*** Unique Naturally Sourced Topical Pain Relief Newly Discovered and is looking for reviews. Free 2 Oz Sample of Elemental Relief Pain Relieving Lotion. A Retired Nurse developed this new pain relieving formula using naturally sourced Ancient Trace Minerals direct from an underground Australian Reservoir, rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, and other complimentary trace minerals, combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of MSM offering fast effective pain relief from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Cramps, Body Aches, and More. REAL RELIEF FOR... Read more →

Product Offer #478: The "Coca-Cola Trail" Christmas Gift Box

The perfect gift for a Coca-Cola fan, or traveler would like your reviews. Gift Box features the popular book "The Coca-Cola Trail", along with Coca-Cola pepper jelly, a pepper jelly holiday recipe booklet, and a candle in a Coca-Cola glass. When the candle is lit it has the aroma of Cherry Coke. The retail value of the item is $44. This is an excellent gift for a Coca-Cola fan, or for anyone who likes to travel and visit places with... Read more →

Product Offer #477: Canless Air System X3 Hurricane

We would like your reviews of the X3 Hurricane from Canless Air System. Our product is a handheld, rechargeable replacement to canned air and computer duster that blows over 260mph. Just one unit replaces over 2000 traditional cans. It can clean all electronics and also is perfect for general cleaning around the home. You can see more at or by searching Canless Air on YouTube. If you have any questions please contact us. Email this Product Provider today if... Read more →