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Product Offer #466: Dry Bath & Body Brush with Back Scrubber

Dry Bath Body Brush Back Scrubber with anti-slip long Bath & Body Brush
handle wants your reviews.

     *High quality materials:   The handle is made of smooth polished wood and the bristles are made of the finest grade 100%
       natural bristles.   It has elastic, indeformable,  humidity resistant features, and very gentle to the skin.
     *Health & multi-function:   Can be used both for showering and dry skin brush, removes dead skin, promotes lymphatic a          and blood circulation, improves your skin's quality and leaves it softer and smoother.
     *Rope loop & long handle:   Being wrapped with hemp rope, the handle is non-slip with better grip. Thanks to the length of        15.7"  handle it can reach those hard-to-reach areas.   Brush also has rope loop for hanging.
     *Eco-friendly:   Our brushes are made of 100% degradable materials and will not cause environmental pollution
       100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.   Don't worry about after-sales problems.   We offer 30 days money back guarantee            to ensure complete satisfaction & risk free.   If our product doesn't meet your needs,  just send it back for a full refund or            replacement!

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