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Brothers and Books with a Purpose Max & Max & Tucker Adventures - Children's Books
Tucker Adventures would like your reviews.

It started with a simple trip to the woods, like most weekend mornings.   It turned into a series of children’s books and affiliations with local non-profit organizations.

In their first book, Max and Tucker, Australian Shepherd brothers, were headed to the woods for an early morning walk on Easter Sunday when they were met with a surprise. Lily & Lucy, beautifully illustrated by Virginia Commonwealth University student Emely Pascual, is a heart-warming story about taking action.

Families will enjoy reading Lily & Lucy together. Proceeds from this true story are donated to the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation.

In their second book, Max & Tucker were doing what they enjoy most: playing in the woods and creeks of Northern Virginia when they came across a deer which had been stranded after a heavy rain. Max & Tucker rescued the deer and watched over her until she was strong enough to go on her way.

This exciting adventure is about being rescued by those we set out to rescue. This true story is captured in the wonderfully illustrated children’s book: Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure .

Proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Rescue League of Falls Church.

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