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Heart Crusher Dinosaur Funny Valentines Day Shirt is
Valentine's Day  T-Shirtlooking for your reviews.

I have just launched my most recent design geared specifically toward Valentine's Day. This graphic displays a dinosaur holding a heart with the phrase 'Heart Crusher.'

I hope to get at least 3 different YouTube videos (preferably) or blog posts that do an un-boxing and review of the shirt and the graphic. Please do not leave a review on the Amazon listing itself. When linking to the product page please use the below URL:

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  • Black, Blue, Navy, Dark Heather, Heather Blue
  • Sizes range from S-3XL
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  • Clothing
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  • Online Product Review
  • Blog Post Product Feature
  • Review Site Review (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.)
  • YouTube Video
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Unbox and review the shirt's graphic design/ overall quality.
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Youtube videos will be prioritized.
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Boys Valentines Day Shirts


Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to
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