Product Offer #446: Soft Cleaner
Product Offer #449: Stainless Steel Folding Drinking Straw & Cleaning Rod Kits

Product Offer #447: Books for Transformation

Four books guide readers to integrate their Books for Transformation
own spiritual wisdom.

Living in the Flow:

     *  Practicing Vibrational Alignment
     *  Accepting Unconditional Love
     *  Transformation Workbook
     *  Open Your Heart

This will present the reader with a framework to know her inner world.

By moving deeply into her own psychological and spiritual dynamics, the reader discovers that her outer world challenges root in her inner world conflicts.

By practicing presence, she opens to healing.   By practicing surrender, she lives in partnership with life. She releases intellect-imposed limitations and allows greater depth in her experience of reality. And then who knows what miracles may happen?

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