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Product Offer #443: Komc Headphone

Black, wired, and wireless and we would like your reviews.

Komc headphone, black, wired, and wireless .
     *  Quantity -- 2

It is very beautiful, comfortable, durable, unbreakable, portable, and good headphone.  It's sound quality is very very clear and nice.  It gives very very good sound.

On wired connection and also in wireless connection.   It is very light weighted, it do not hurt the head.
It also has a very very comfortable good sponge in the upper section and the both parts that are under the ears.

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Black colour
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  • Electronics
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  • Online Product Review
  • YouTube Video
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I want the reviewers to properly without any biosness review the products with heart . They should say the both positive and negative features about the product. And after reviewing use it well.
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As you all want . The best person you find he/she can do the review better you choose him/her. But please mind that the new youtube reviewers should also get chance to review.
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Not required.
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Tripod and one DSLR camera.
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Madhurjya Nath
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Madhurjya Nath
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Musical madhu youtube channel

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