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Product Offer #424: SchmutzHaken-DirtHook

SchmutzHaken-DirtHook - a very serious SchmutzHaken - DirtHook
broom with a funny name would like your

German designed, engineered and manufactured. Developed by a German engineer to be the best brushes and brooms ever, he succeeded completely and in the process designed a whole range of brooms and brushes for HOME, INDUSTRY & COMMERCIAL.


     *Pet Hair on carpets, upholstery and clothing
     *Cleans up debris such as leaves and grass from patios, decks, outdoor carpets, sidewalks, driveways         and more
     *For the contractor, cleans up drywall dust and debris on the renovation or work site

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Various sizes - brushes and broom
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  • General
  • Other
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  • Blog Post Product Feature
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Available for test are brushes and brooms for both HOME & Commercial.
   1) Review Outdoor Broom to clean up patio or                 sidewalk from debris - grass, leaves, garden               debris around the HOME
   2) Review Indoor and Outdoor Broom to clean up             debris around the renovation & job site
   3) Review Brushes to remove pet hair from                     upholstery, 
   4) Test brushes on smaller and larger animals to             remove dander and hair.
   5) Review HORSE BRUSH specific 

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Harry Kihs


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