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Product Offer 415: Undercover Poo

Go Undercover, be the only party pooper Undercover Poo
who doesn't stink.

Undercover Poo toilet odor eliminating tablets would like your reviews.   Be the only party pooper who doesn't stink.

It's as easy as Plop, Fizz, Drop.   Plop one tablet into the toilet, allow it to fizz, then drop your business. You'll leave a fresh scent everywhere you go, on the go.  Like it never even happened.

After spritzing the toilet bowl had failed me time and again, and one too many leaks in my pocket, I had to find a more discrete way to do my bathroom business without the smell reporting back to my coworkers. It was time to go undercover.

How it works - Our Poo-Proof process:

     Step 1:   Plop - Plop one tablet down into the toilet and let it sink to the bottom of the bowl
     Step 2:   Fizz - Allow the tablet to fizz and release baking soda and fragrance which creates a barrier
                     on the surface of the toilet water, blocking and absorbing odors
     Step 2:   Drop - Use the toilet as usual and leave the bathroom smelling like it never even happened

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Undercover Poo


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