Product Offer #416: Louisiana Market Chowder
Product Offer #418: ebook - "Illusional Reality"

Product Offer #419: Flower Bouquet Delivery Worldwide

Flower Delivery - sent to you or your loved one.

We have an International flower delivery service. 
We can send flowers to you, or to your loved one on your behalf (along with your message) in exchange for an honest review on a popular blog or social media influence.

We will choose a "seasonal bouquet" picking the best flowers of different types available to us and send them to you or your recipients.

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Product Specifics - Size, Weight, Color, etc.
Product Type: *
  • General
  • Service
  • Women
  • Other
Website where the products can be seen: *
What do you require in exchange for the Products? *
  • Online Product Review
  • Blog Post Product Feature
  • Podcast Mention
  • Social Media Publicity
  • Other (explain in next section)
What do you want reviewers to do with the product(s)? *
We would like honest reviews and offer products to owners of popular (and non spammy) blogs and those with social media influence.

We can deliver a random flower bouquet (chosen as the best flowers available in the different areas) and deliver it to you directly - or to your loved one.

How will you choose who gets the products to review? *
  • Those with high quality blog and/or social media presence.
  • Preferred niches - relationships, wedding, flowers
Quantity of Product(s) Offered: *
Costs to Reviewers (if any) - must be specific: *
no cost
Do reviewers need to be in the USA for shipping?
Not required.
Other Requirements (if any):
Worldwide - we have contractors worldwide delivering our flowers. We can deliver to all major towns and cities and many rural areas.
Public Contact for Product Offer (name): *
Public Contact for Product Offer (email address): *
Organization you represent: *

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