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High Potency Glutathione Powder - Supports Sublingual Glutathione Powder
Body and skin even tone would like reviews.

Dr. London High Potency Glutathione 1500mg and 500mg Vitamin C (Reduced Liposomal- contains 1500mg Glutathione and 500mg Vitamin C per scoop). 

What is Glutathione used for?
Glutathione is a tripeptide composed of 3 amino acids: Glycine, Glutamic acid and Cysteine.  Glutathione is found in all human body cells and has been branded the “mother “ of all antioxidants due to its benefits to the human body. 

Glutathione is useful in the body as it serves as the basis for antioxidants, clearing body toxins and scavenger free radical agents (gets rids of mercury/ heavy metals). 

Glutathione is beneficial for the cardiovascular system, protects immune systems and cells.  Glutathione helps to prevent cell damages, cleanses the liver, detoxifies the body and provides first line of protection against environmental chemical and toxins. 

Aside from all the above benefits, Glutathione may help to improve hyper-pigmention, evens skin tone, effective in acne treatment and promotes healthy vibrant lightening skin by inhibiting melanin production.

The strongest we could make:
This Glutathione was created with our consumer’s in mind, knowing that Glutathione is only effective when it bypasses the gastric acid, hence we created the strongest possible Glutathione product that we can sell at a reasonable price.

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  • Product weighs 100g per bottle
  • Off white in colour and tastes sour - undiluted Vitamin C taste
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