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Product Offer #389: SysInfo Free MBOX File Viewer

Product Offer #391: SysInfo Tools Free SQLite Viewer

Free SQLite Viewer Tool to View and Browse DB files.

SysInfo Tools offers a tool to open and view DB files of SQLite without any requirement of SQL server. It enables users to open and view corrupt and normal DB files. Also, other necessary items like indexes, triggers, tables, etc. can easily be previewed.

There is no limitation on file size while viewing DB files. SysInfo Tools Free SQLite viewer gives you desired outcomes in a minimum time and is compatible with all versions of SQLite i.e. SQLite2 and SQLite3. It is compatible with both UTF-8 (ANSI) and UTF-16 (Unicode).

Plus, even a novice user can use it efficiently. In a tree structure format it presents the file and by just clicking on the individual field user can sort and view a particular field.

Whatever version of Windows you are using it is compatible with all even the latest version, also without any trouble it supports DB files of SQLite.

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