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Want a Free High Quality Menstrual Cup?

High Quality Menstrual Cups With Innovative Release Valve Design!
This one of a kind menstrual cup can replace all your wasteful tampons during your monthly cycle.  It gives you more freedom to do anything you want to do, including sports and other activities.

It's innovative design will release fluid without having to completely remove the cup! The bell shaped design makes this menstrual cup collect your flow completely leak free.

Reusable and long lasting, which saves you money, and it's more convenient than tampons or pads. Comes with a beautiful pink carry pouch.

FDA approved
Reusable for 15 years
Leak free protection
Environmentally friendly
Medical grade silicone
Clean, comfortable and convenient
Proven reliable protection

Only from: Simply Pure By Salisha

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Detail the features of the release valve showing how it works and state the facts mentioned about the cup. Must be geared to women of childbearing age.

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