Product Offer #372: Petdietfix
Product Offer #374: Baby Girl Romper

Product Offer #373: Free custom t-shirts

We're offering free custom garments in Custom T-Shirts
return for reviews.

Our app lets you design custom t-shirts, hoodies, baby clothing and more on your phone (iphone/android) and have them printed and shipped to you.

We're looking for youtubers, instagram influencers and bloggers with already established audiences (5000+ subscribers, if you have less please let us know) to review their experience downloading, using the app and receiving and unboxing the product.

You should post twice at least (once for designing the garment and once for unboxing and wearing the garment). The app name should be mentioned and a link to the site preferably. We may also ask to republish your content in our publicity.

This offer is limited to 2 t-shirts or one hoodie per applicant (you may order more but we'll charge you for the extra).

Please contact us expressing your interest in participating.

Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to review this product online!

Product Type: *
  • Clothing
  • Men
  • Women
Website where the products can be seen: *
What do you require in exchange for the Products? *
  • Blog Post Product Feature
  • Email Newsletter Coverage
  • YouTube Video
  • Podcast Mention
  • Social Media Publicity
What do you want reviewers to do with the product(s)? *
Provide at least two posts - one designing your custom garment and the other receiving and trying on your custom garment
How will you choose who gets the products to review? *
We need to ensure you have a large enough following. Please submit a link to your youtube, instagram, blog, podcast etc. If you have less than 5000 followers approval will be at our discretion.

We reserve the right to reject applicants whose content is not in line with brand.
Quantity of Product(s) Offered: *
Costs to Reviewers (if any): *

Do reviewers need to be in the USA for shipping?

Not required.
Other Requirements (if any):
As this is a custom product you will be required to purchase the product through the app which means you need a valid credit card. Once you have posted your initial review please send it through to us and we will refund the charge immediately.
Public Contact for Product Offer: *
Public Contact for Product Offer: *
Submitting Person's Name: *

Kimble Young
Organization you represent: *


Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to
review this product online!