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Product Offer #355: Rug Grippers & Anti-Curling Rug Gripper

Ideal Anti Slip Rug Pad for Your Rugs is looking for your reviews.

Are you fed up with sliding rugs or rug corners that interfere when you are walking?  Forget it!  Stop your rugs & make flat corners with premium rug grippers.

These carpet grippers are 1/8 inch thick only and work perfectly indoors and outdoors (for outdoors work only as anti–curling rug pads). It’s safety & effective for any hard floors – Hardwood, Linoleum, Tile,  Ceramic, etc.

Our rug grips will work for any type & shape of your rugs like a gripper tape - stops sliding your rug & keep it in place; also it will make corners flat at once and forever!

Our anti-curling grippers have PREMIUM QUALITY and RENEWABLE STICKY SURFACE.  To renew the sticky surface – please read the instructions. It is made to serve you again & again.

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