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Product Offer #353: Car Air Compressor /Tire Inflator

Car Air Compressor Pump and tire inflator would
Car Air Compressor/Tire Inflator like your reviews.

It's a multi function car air compressor.   Everyone needs to have one in their car emergency kit.   Also, it can inflate motorbikes, bikes, basketballs and more.

AUTO SHUTOFF FEATURE: Minimize the inconvenience to wait beside of your car tires with its auto shutoff function;  Set the pressure you expect before turning it on and then it will go on working until the input pressure has been reached.

EASY TO READ WITH DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY:  Time to eliminate the guesswork of looking at your old dial gauge with our digital readout (pressure expressed in PSI, BAR, KPA or KG/CM2);  Releasing extra pressure is also allowed to reduce safety risks. 

3 ADDITIONAL NOZZLES:  Allow you to use it for airing up your inflatables, including all types of tires for cars, motorbikes, bicycles (NOT for truck and large vans) or basketballs, air cushions, hovercrafts and others whose max. pressure is 150PSI.

LED LIGHT & MESS-FREE CORD SLOT:  Bright front LED light adds much more visibility in the darkness for emergency use while mess-free design at back (hidden cord slot) keeps air hose securely for a clean look.

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