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Product Offer #337: Rosmarino Lunch Box Container

Inspiring Rosmarino Lunch Box Container with Compartments, Bottle, and Cutlery is looking for reviews.

Versatile and convenient Bento Lunch Box!   Designed for children and young souls who want to stand out and be stylish with a perfect lunch in one box. This compartment lunch box is ideal for school, office, travel or picnic, specially designed thermos box keeps your food and beverage cold or warm for a long period of time.

Eat better every day!   Rosmarino bento lunch box is designed for perfect portion control. In one compartment you can carry a balanced main course, and in the other compartment, you can bring some fruit, salad or snacks due to the leak proof seal. You can prep an endless variety of healthy meal combinations and options for your child in kids favorite lunch kit.

All you need in one bag!   Everything is packed in a handy thermos bag that is easy to handle and perfectly fits in any bag, laptop bag or backpack.   Eco friendly, microwavable and dishwasher safe!

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