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Product Offer #331: Antop Digital HDTV Outdoor Antenna

Cut the cord, watch FREE local TV, ANTOP HDTV Antop Digital HDTV Outdoor Antenna
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We are searching for bloggers who are able to provide product reviews, communicate benefits and features, as well as educate consumers on the money saving opportunities they can realize using an Antop antenna to help them to cut-the-cord from high priced cable and satellite TV.

ANTOP Outdoor HDTV Digital Antennas feature signal ranges up to 80 miles and receives free local Over-the-Air digital TV signals, from networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and others.

With ANTOP antennas, there is no monthly fee and no need to subscribe. Just plug to TV, scan channels, then enjoy your local TV programs!

Include a built-in 4G LTE Filter to block unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital reception.

ANTOP's Outdoor antennas are UV coated, with a weather resistant finish and creative design, perfect for easy home exterior installation: wall, roof, balcony. 

Supports HDTV, 1080P TV and 4K ULTRA HD TVs and are compatible with digital converter boxes.

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