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Product Offer #321: Flaxseed Hair Gel

Natural Flaxseed Hair Gel would like your reviews. Flaxseed Hair Gel

Our Natural Flaxseed Hair Gel provides curl definition, holds for those windy days, seals in moisture to hair and is an excellent styling agent. This product is handcrafted with all natural ingredients.

This gel contains flax seed, honey, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil and almond oil.
- Flax seed is rich in Vitamin E which promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and split ends.
- Honey is good for hair growth, shine, moisture, dandruff, and softening.
- Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth, strengthens the hair follicles, slows hair loss and the hair graying.
- Lavender oil moisturizes hair, prevents shedding hair, aids hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp and -treats fungi, bacteria,
  dandruff and dry scalp.

- Almond oil adds shine, strengthens and repairs split ends.

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Product Specifics - Size, Weight, Color, etc. 10 oz
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