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Product Offer #320: GrowAfro - Long & Thick Hair Serum

100% Natural Organic scalp serum for Afro and Curly GrowAfro - Hair Serumhair wants reviews.

We were born with one mission – to break the belief that afro & curly hair doesn’t grow long and thick. We have recognised that afro & curly hair has different needs and as such requires specific products tailored to meeting these needs. One of which is to use 100% natural and organic ingredients which penetrates, strengthens and rejuvenates hair.

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120ml, twist cap bottle
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  • Beauty Product
  • Health
  • Women
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This product is specifically made for afro hair.
Please use lightly on scalp and follow instructions on packaging.
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Must have afro hair.
A blog or you tube channel
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Grow Afro Ltd
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