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Product Offer #305: Digital Training Video

Digital training video showing how to play with and teach your toddler how to play football (soccer) is looking for reviews.

Bond with your child by playing together and having fun!

Ten minute videos offering instructional tuition on how to play football with your toddler (18 months to 5 years).

The videos offer an insight into family fun and promoting healthy lifestyles. There are a wide variety of easy to follow activities, designed by a physical development pre School expert.

We’d love to receive product reviews about your practical experiences.  Give feedback on how you and your child enjoyed learning.

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Product Specifics - Size, Weight, Color, etc.
Digital downloadable product
Product Type: *
  • Education
  • Health
  • Kids
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What do you require in exchange for the Products? *
  • Online Product Review
  • Social Media Publicity
What do you want reviewers to do with the product(s)? *
Reviewers should watch the videos and play with their child by participating in a variety of activities that appear in the video.
How will you choose who gets the products to review? *
This will be based upon reviewers having a child within the age group specified. They will need to be enthusiastic and open to the learning experience. They must have a desire to develop their child’s skills
Quantity of Product(s) Offered: *
End November 2017
Costs to Reviewers (if any): *
Do reviewers need to be in the USA for shipping?
Not required.
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Jan Morgan
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Submitting Person's Name: * Jan Morgan
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Tots in Sport


Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to
review this product online!