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How to get Reviews if your Product is New?

* Product Offer #10: Click Millionaires Internet Startup Book *

Click_millionaires lifestyle business bookLearn to build your own lifestyle business on the Internet with this best-selling Internet marketing book.

More reviews are good so if you are interested in a free copy of this best-selling book about starting your own business online, please let us know.

We can mail one to US addresses only and hope that you will like it enough to post a nice review on, Google,, or your own blog.

 Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to
review this product online!

 Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to
review this product online!

Short Product Description Specifics: *
Hardback copy of Click Millionaires book by Scott Fox
Product Type: *
  • Books
Website where the products can be seen: *
What do you require in exchange for the Products? *
  • Online Product Review
  • Blog Post Product Feature
  • Email Newsletter Coverage
  • Review Site Review (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.)
What do you want reviewers to do with the product(s)? *
Please read the book and share your thoughts online.
Quantity of Product(s) Offered: *
Deadline: *
Costs to Reviewers (if any): *
Other Requirements (if any):
Shipping to US addresses only.
Public Contact for Product Offer (name): *


Email this Product Provider today if you’d like to
review this product online!


Josie Ishaya

Hello. I am in the beginning stages of building my website. I am looking for products to review. I am building a unique following of medical providers and starting my own blog business. I like giving reviews on amazon, twitter, tumbler and stumble upon. As I said before I'm am in the beginning stages, but will be doing this fulltime.

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