I have only been on this site a few weeks, and already confirmed two interviews and working
with a couple more to set dates. Great help!!


I have received good interest and reviews from this service. Thank you!


Thank's for offering such a great opportunity and for helping the new bloggers and YouTubers. Keep working.


I greatly appreciate you accepting my product for review presentation, and look forward
to working with those who are interested.
This is a much needed service.

Don Reed

This is an amazing site! It provides opportunity to get product reviews and exposure under favorable circumstances that just do not exist anyplace else. Our little Gourmet-in-Minutes business thanks you BIG!

Kafayat Brown

This service is helpful and supports both small companies and big organisations..


I think this site is great! There are so many products to choose from and the people who sell them actually care about the products and what the people have to say about them. It's really neat to be a part of this! Thank you for letting me join!

M Summers

I absolutely love this site. It is very exciting to watch out for and anticipate the latest products they will post. Also, its ease of use and the quality of the products represented makes this one of my favorite product review sites.

Jessica Rogers

This is an amazing service you provide and I am very happy to be involved with it!

Lisa Williams

Great service to try out,

Penelope Upton Denda

Thanks for this. Writing my book was the easy part. Getting it found among so many others, is not.


Thanks guys


Great service. Looking forward to getting quality product reviewers.

Dietmar Vogelmann

Great Service, Highly recommended unless you wanna pay to get people reviewing your products....


I've known about this site for awhile and I love what it has to offer!

Abhijith Shetty

This is just a fantastic way to reach our audience and spread the word!


Interesting opportunity to connect businesses to bloggers. Love it!

Andrea Rezabek

Great for finding reviewers and increasing social media reach!

Iris Barratt

A valuable and generous service. I am looking forward to generously offering my products free for a review! Thank you for this important service and your generosity.


What a great service .. I am so happy to have found this site and can't wait to be approved and start getting my products reviewed!


Great idea, I will even pay for this service, if it works. Good idea and will let you all know how it works out.

I have been looking for something like this for a while.

Kelly Kruse

So far, other than one business, I'm very happy with the products I get to try and review


I love the products that are offered for review on this site...they seem to be higher quality than what is offered on some of the other sites.

Kelly Kruse

Got my 1st two offers for products to review. Very excited to try and review

Hi Christine,

No, you don't need to have your own website or blog to post reviews. Many of our users post their reviews on,, or other similar platforms.

Of course each product offer has its own terms set by the company that's offering you products to review. But if you can reach audiences with news about their products, they're generally interested.

Thanks for asking.

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