Product Offer #267: Herbal Soak Swirl & Soothe

Relieve hand and wrist pain naturally. It is an all natural hand spa for home use that uses 28 liquefied herbs, Epsom salts, hot or cold water, and a super charged delivery system. It relieves an array of hand problems from osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, trauma, tendinitis, repetitive motion, etc. With side benefits of removing Eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, etc. I want people with hand problems or know someone with hand and wrist problems to use the product and report reviews... Read more →

Product Offer #265: Premium Glass Teapot with Removable Stainless Steel Infuser

Premium Glass Teapot with Removable Stainless Steel Infuser would like reviews. Give yourself a perfect cup every time with this premium glass teapot. This glass teapot with removable stainless steel infuser is ideal for making all teas, as well as cold brew coffee. Whether you want to brew black, green, white, oolong, puer or another herbal tea, use this pot and allow the full, pure flavor of your tea to develop. We used the highest quality materials to create a... Read more →

Product Offer #264: Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs

Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs 16 oz would like reviews. Our premium glass mugs are made from Borosilicate glass with double wall insulation technology, making them sturdy enough to withstand up to 350°F. So, whenever you need to reheat, you don’t need to transfer your coffee or tea into another container. No Discoloration or Scratches Even with Frequent Use. You can have these glass coffee cups for 5 years, a decade or more and you’ll still have their gorgeous clear... Read more →

Product Offer #263: Good & Worthy Bakery Products

Good and worthy bakery items are looking for reviews. I am running a bakery which is quite famous. I would like to expand my business to sell them online. We make good breads from organic ingredients and muffins from millets. We are famous for egg puffs and veg puffs . We produce Dilpasad which is a treat to kids. Our products are environmentally friendly and helps people to reduce weight. Most of the celebrities love our product. Email this Product... Read more →

Product Offer #262: Genuine Custom Leather Strap for Luxury Watches

The best custom leather straps for your luxury watches would like your reviews. Our Strap's Strength : - 100% Hand made from every process of the making : Cutting, edging, lining, stitching etc. - Our straps have special edging technology in order to make a strong edge, even without stitches. We put a slightly layer of paint, and then do sandpaper and continue burnish it by hand. not only put paint layers and layers. - 100% hand stitching, with a... Read more →

Product Offer #260: Bottr - Software for Bloggers

Chatbots for bloggers would like your reviews. Introduce conversations in blogs. Engage readers, automate FAQs. Chatbots uses AI and machine learning to learn from responses and engage in human like conversations. It can be trained anyway the bot creator likes - to deliver high value content to readers, to pitch products/services between conversation, to allow users to communicate via DMs or Direct Message. It is much more than live chat. It is like a smart virtual assistant. Representing you online... Read more →

Product Offer #258: Wood Frame Sunglasses

We are a site that offers wood frame sunglasses made from sustainable material such as bamboo as well as hardwood sunglasses made of zebrawood, rosewood, ebony, etc. We are offering a pair of sunglasses for you to keep in exchange for your review. All of our sunglasses offer polarized lenses, come with a slide top bamboo box and each of our pairs of sunglasses float and are great for water sports as well as stylish every day wear. We are... Read more →

Product Offer #256: Sun-Salutation Yoga Mats

Fitness Mats - Sun-Salutation Yoga Mats would like your reviews. We make highly customized orders for our customers which are made up of 100% virgin fresh material. These mats are freshly prepared therefore they will have an initial manufacturing odor of rubber and chemicals which automatically disappears after 2 days once you keep the mat in open area. With a variety of color and sizes, this mat also provides a cushioning surface which is totally adequate to practice Yoga on... Read more →

Product Offer #257: 1 Ounce Lotion Sample Head to Toe

One Ounce Lotion Sample Head to Toe would like reviews. I am offering a 1 Ounce jar sized Lotion Sample. It can be scented or unscented. It is an all over body lotion from head to toe; handmade. You will need to take pictures of the item and use it and test it. You must have a following. Please reply with your links and what you will be doing for the review. Do not reply if you are not sending... Read more →

Product Offer #255: Nu-Trim Plastic Restorer

Restores faded plastic trim on cars. Nu-Trim instantly restores faded plastic trim. It leaves a deep, rich shine that makes plastic trim look new again. It's waterproof and stays on through hundreds of car washes! Product Features: Restores original color and shine. Works on textured and smooth plastics. Will not streak when applying. Instantly removes stubborn wax stains. Feels dry to the touch. Will not peel, chip or crack. Waterproof formula lasts thru hundreds of car washes. Contains no silicone,... Read more →

Product Offer #253: Perfectly Posh

You deserve to be pampered. We would like your reviews What is Posh? Perfectly Posh offers products you'll feel good about putting on your skin. Pampering products are made in the USA. Our products are made with gentle, natural ingredients. We use no parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, or fillers. We do use lots of natural butters and essential oils. We currently have soaps, lotions, body scrubs, body butters, coconut oils... Anything you could possibly want to pamper you or someone... Read more →

Product Offer #252: Magna Mount

Universal Smart Phone Mount wants reviews. I am offering a universal electronic device mount, great for smart phones, GPS, tablets, and other devices less than 2 lbs. I am only asking the reviewer to cover the shipping cost of the item which is $3.00. The mount attaches to almost any surface using high grade 3M adhesive that holds strong but can be removed if needed. The mount then holds your device using a small metal plate which then holds strong... Read more →

Product Offer #251: DryRight! Hanger Forms

DryRight! Hanger Forms For Hang Drying and Storing Clothes would like reviews. Our DryRight! Hanger Forms lock onto almost any hanger you already own to eliminate shoulder bumps, stretching and damage to clothes. They adjust from petite to XXL to accommodate all sizes. Now you can get rid of bulky drying racks and save money by spending less on dry cleaning. They are proudly 100% made in the USA of the highest quality color safe polyethylene. Email this Product Provider... Read more →

Product Offer #250: Good Virtues Company

Product Reviews wanted for Good Virtues Co. My name is JiaYee from MooCommerce. MooCommerce is trying to boost the popularity for various hair products into the US market and to establish a better foundation and reputation in the country. I am writing to see if you would like to work with us on our project. Our company is currently looking for bloggers or beauty gurus in the US to share an online review of our product on social media channels... Read more →

Product Offer #248: Compression Knee Brace Support

Compression Knee Brace Support Sports Injury Prevention Joint Pain Relief. The ActiveGear knee compression sleeve is scientifically engineered for optimal knee function . These recovery knee braces are perfect for running , basketball racket sports like tennis, squash, gym soccer, football, and power lifting. Manufactured from medical grade latex and nylon for unbeatable support and reduction of knee pain and inflammation. Each breathable knee brace patella stabilizer with unique mesh design offers 24-hour , anti-slip comfort. Email this Product Provider... Read more →